for my fellow Twilight addicts

Cindy,Jill and I had been talking about making another trip out the the location of Bella's house for the New Moon movie. This is out third trip out lol(you can see our other trips here). It was great to get to see the house without the black screens covering most of it up. And even better, security told us we could go peek around the back. There may have been a squeal or two escape when we were told that lol

But this was not the real reason for our trip(it was a BIG part of it). The real reason, Edward. Many repeated phone calls to a toy store and they finally had more stock.

Sadly, Edward didn't join us for dinner at the Olive Garden; chicken scampi, my absolute favorite

And today, Edward joined us at work.

We had him manning the phone

Later he was checking out the Twilight pattern I was putting onto a quilt.

Wonder what trouble, I mean fun, we will get into tomorrow?


rachel griffith said...

that. is. awesome.

ummm i need one of those.
and a life size one too.
yeah...a life size edward...
yes please.

Tracy.H said...

You guys are too funny!!! :0)

Rachel said...

You crazy girls!

Willow Grove - Kez said...

Wow wow wow how lucky are you girls????

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