I've seen lots of these braid quilts around blogland lately(I have one on my list of must dos lol)

I love this one. Ginger made it using a jelly roll(can anyone tell me what this line is? it's so pretty)

So why is it my nemesis? It is the quilting pattern, Flowing Feathers. This is an excellent beginner pattern(We have it in our beginner pack) Every single time I have quilted this pattern, I somehow end up going backwards. And it is soooo frustrating!

But I am very happy to say that I didn't go backwards today(yay!) And I am thrilled I got this one finished today, now I can take tomorrow off and enjoy a 4 day long weekend-woo hoo!!!

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Saska said...

I've always wanted to do a braid quilt. You did a good job quilting...really like it.

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