quilt monday

Well my wish came true last night and we woke up to some snow this morning. All the neighboring cities around us got dumped on with snow over the weekend. And the weather reports teased us Friday and Saturday with a snowfall warning and we got nothing. I LOVE snow. Maybe it's because we don't get it as often or as much as other places but I love it

I also discovered what the strange noise was I kept hearing last night. Looks like the kitten(who's not so much a kitten anymore at roughly 5.5months lol) got a little crazy last night and attacked the border in the kitchen. Guess this means that I'm not keeping the border when I repaint next month lol

And because it is supposed to be getting spring like outside, here's a springy quilt for you today. Happy Monday!


Connie said...

That would be such a shock to wake up to torn wall paper! At least you knew what caused it ... Guess it helps that you were thinking of painting?

Cheri22 said...

wholly crap about the border! E's cat did the same thing in her old bedroom. And you remember that cat!! I hope yours does not turn out the same way!

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