show and tell

 As usual, it's been way too long to show off the talents of my clients. 

So sit back and enjoy!

By Dianna

quilted with Simplicity 

This tshirt quilt by Mariane 

quilted with a meander 

Such a pretty one by Linda

quilted with a stipple

Also by Linda

quilted with Timeless Hearts 

Love this one by Nicole

quilted with Dragon's Breath

So pretty!

By Sherry

quilted with a meander

By Fay

quilted with Floral Meander 

Sadly, I didn't write down who made this beauty.
If it was you, let me know!

quilted with Fay Feathers 

Shirley did this one using up orphaned blocks.

quilted with a meander 

Loved this one by Melody

quilted with Camellia

Melody made another train quilt as well.

quilted with a meander

Davina made these three cuties

quilted with Lovely

So cute!

Lastly, this stunner by Adienna

quilted with All That Jazz

Thanks for looking!

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