recent client favourites

 It's been a while(too long of a while!) since I've shared some recent client quilts so here we go!

First up, this stunner by Hugette.

She was lucky to get this one back.

quilted with Ribbon Rose 

By Melody

quilted with a meander

This next one is also by Melody. 
She was inspired by a similar quilt I quilted a few years ago.

quilted with Trailing Vine

Love this one by Sara Beth

quilted with Floral Meander 

The cutest baby quilt by Sherry.

quilted with Simplicity 

This cute one by Shirley.

quilted with Latte

Love this one by Davina

quilted with Hubby Love

A sasquatch by Fay

quilted with Flirtatious 

This pretty one by Linda

quilted with Daisy 3

This striking one by Nicole

quilted with Soho

This pretty one by Sherry

quilted with a meander

This one by Pat is just lovely.

quilted with Fliratious 


By Sharon

quilted with Drunken Feathers 

This cute Dr Seuss quilt by Brenda

quilted with Ground Cover

And lastly, this lovely one by Barbara

quilted with a meander

She made the quilt for their trailer and every single block is machine embroidered.

Thanks for looking!

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