slowly but surely

 I'm making my way through my list of quilts to finish. 

1 month almost done and I completed one quilt top.

The pattern is Swell by Thimbleblossom. Such a quick, fun make. 
The fabric is Folktale.

I also decided on a pattern for my second project and I'm pretty excited how this one is going to turn out.

I'm hoping to get it cut out tonight and fingers crossed, assembled this weekend.

And of course when you have a bunch of deadlines, you should always jump at the change for a super fun quilt.

Isn't it great?
 It's a free pattern from Erin at The Blanket Statement for signing up to her newsletter.
 I'm pretty sure it took me longer to pick the fabrics than it did to actually make the top.

Hopefully next week I have another finished quilt top to show you!
Because waiting for me is project #3.

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