covid quilting

 My longarm clients have kept me busy the past few months. This has been one of my busiest summers probably since I started quilting 14years ago. 

Here's a few finishes.

By Mary,

quilted with a meander

By Shirley,

quilted with WinterWhite

By Valerie

quilted with SpiralRings

This great hockey quilt by Trish

quilted with a meander

So fun!

Pieced by Barb

quilted with Bright n Breezy

This turned out so good!

Pieced by Faye, my first labyrinth quilt!

quilted with Dazzle

Adiena makes the best quilts.

quilted with LotusBlossom

Love it.

Also by Adiena,

quilted with Dragon'sBreath

Time to take a few days off, back at it next week!


Lindah said...

Wow! I always love seeing what you do with the tops. Your great sense of design balance allows the piecing and the quilting to enhance each other in a way that results in fantastic quilts. 14 quilts!!! Yah, take a break. :-)

QuiltNut Creations said...

Thanks Linda!

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