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I haven't kept up with sharing client quilts later, here's a few recent ones.

Hilda's kindergarten class made this quilt.

quilted with a meander

Super cute!

JoAnne brought in these fabulous long cabin quilts.

quilted with Bright and Breezy

I love this Asian themed one.

quilted with Mimosa 

So pretty.

And lastly,

quilted with Mod Dots

Super fun fabrics.

This adorable giraffe quilt by Ginger.

quilted with Laurie

So adorable!!

And lastly, this quilt by Elisa.

quilted with Shooting Stars 

Such great fabrics in this one.

Happy Thursday! 

1 comment:

Zanymouse said...

You have talented clients! The kindergarten quilt reminds me of the one I made with my daughter's kinder class, sold at a school fundraiser. Good times!

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