we interrupt your sewing time to bring you summer

I can't remember a summer where I have done this little quilting. Don't get me wrong, we've had a fantastic summer but I do miss my quilting time!

I have finishes two and three of the summer to show you.

First, another table runner.

It's similar to the only other finish I've had this summer(see here).

Last night I finished the most important finish of the summer; the quilt for my nephew.

I wasn't going to post any pics of it until my sister in law received it but I think she was getting ready to hurt me if I didn't show her ;)

The colours aren't totally accurate; it was dark when I took the picture. But aren't they cute? Pattern is Preppy the Whale

Now to get it quilted and off to my nephew. These whales are almost as cute as him ;)

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