special delivery

Sunday morning I'm sitting in church when I get a text saying 'my water broke'. My brother and sister in law were expecting their first baby and he was on the way.

Turns out he really wanted to arrive and once they got to the hospital, it was all hands on deck. The next text we got was to announce his arrival.

So what did we do? Jump in our car for a dash across the Rocky Mountains to meet our nephew.

Not even 24hours old; here he is.
 So worth the 18hours of driving for a 2 hour visit!! 

And now that he is here, I should get moving on his quilt lol. I've been working on it and been posting pics to instagram but always in black and white. We knew they were having a boy but it was to be a secret. I knew the fabric colours would give it away. Or maybe not lol.

The fabrics are the lightest to darkest of a teal blue and an aqua green. I could not get the colours to pick up right in the picture sadly.

As for the quilt, well, that's still a surprise. The baby shower is next week; I better get sewing!


Zanymouse said...

Congratulations on the new little sweetie!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Congratulations!! That is going to be a gorgeous baby quilt!

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