quilt monday

I got a free pattern years ago, I think it was from Hoffman but I can't find it on their website. Anyways, I had a few Bali pops, an afternoon with nothing to do and figured why not?

I started this way back in September and planned on giving it to my mom for Christmas. It was a good thing I started in September with going away for most of November. Plus there as a mistake in the pattern; half the blocks ended up backwards so I had to pick them apart and carefully sew them back together. Thankfully it worked out and you wouldn't know if I hadn't told you ;)

I didn't know what to quilt it so I asked one of my boys and they picked the pattern Star Swirl. Think it was a pretty good choice.

And it looks fabulous hanging in mom's living room.

1 comment:

Zanymouse said...

An afternoon with nothing to do? You must share your secrets! Very pretty quilt, and I'm sure your mom loves it.

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