I've quilted some fun and amazing custom quilts lately. 
Time for a little show and tell!

Audrey did this maple quilt.

I did a continuous curve in the light triangles,

I stippled around the maple leaves.

Cheryl from Country Quilts sent these cute quilts.

Cheryl wanted the quilting kept simple; mostly stippling and a bit of outlining. Cheryl blogged about this quilt here.

I love the cat!

Bonnie's lovely Asian fan quilt.

More stippling and I quilted lines on the fans.

Margaret made this stunning applique quilt. I quilted a tight stipple around the applique and did piano keys in the border.

Joyce made this stunning crane quilt.

I water-stitched around all the cranes in black thread and again using gold in the four patches and triangles. The border I did piano keys.

Simply stunning!

Speaking of stunning, Marie was invited to a wedding and she created this quilt from the wedding invitation.

I quilted lines and whirls in the wood background to make it look more woody. 

I added a few stetson boots as well.

I left the appliques and the lace strips alone.

Lastly, this amazing quilt by Martha. Martha embroidered the wreaths on muslin years ago and decided it was time to finish the quilt.

Because the quilt is made with muslin, it is very hard to see the details.

I did a wreath to compliment the embroidery.

And more feathered wreaths in the borders

Martha has an antique iron bed she is displaying the quilt on. Lovely!
Now it's time to quilt some more!


Zanymouse said...

Beautiful job quilting, and such lovely quilts! The barnyard quilt is adorable, with so much personality. The crane quilt is amazing, and I just love the red and green on white applique quilt. So pretty!

QuiltSue said...

You have been busy. There are some great quilts there and your quilting is wonderful.

Queen Mary said...

These are stunning! I've never done this before but I absolutely LOVE the crane quilt and I'm wondering if you can tell me where your customer got the pattern! I would LOVE to try that quilt -- maybe a lap size but what an incredible design! I could probably fake it, and if that's what she did, I will too, but if someone designed it, s/he certainly deserves my support! I love your blog! Mary

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