I went on a girls day a few weeks ago. Every girls trip has to involve craft stores right? We made a quick stop in Michaels when I spotted a fabulous burlap wreath. So I bought all the supplies and couldn't wait to get started.

I cut what seemed like a gazillion 6inch squares. I should have taken a picture of the mess that made!

I took each square and folded it, like a paper fan, twisted it,

And shoved it into the straw wreath.

Do that a gazillion times and you get this.

Keep doing that until you run out of pin or burlap. Not that that happened here ;)

Guess I have a stop to make after work tonight.


Anonymous said...

So cool! be continued...LOL!

Three Birds Inspired said...

I have the supplies to make one of those wreaths but still have not had the time to cut all those squares and start stuffing! Hmmm - looks like I might need to purchase another box of pins before I start!

Zanymouse said...

Awesome! What are you going to do with the rest of it?

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