Was a stupid day. 
We all have them. One of those days were nothing seems to go the way it's supposed to. But in the end, it all gets completed.

That was today. It wasn't the most pleasant of days so when I got home tonight I told my family that I need, NEED, an hour in my sewing room.

And made myself a new fallish table runner.

I love this print. Sadly I used the last of it up in this runner.

And I was able to sneak in the borders on a baby quilt.

It's ending up to be a pretty good day after all.


Three Birds Inspired said...

Sewing/quilting - creative therapy. Amazing how a little fabric and thread can make all the difference in the world.

Zanymouse said...

I can't believe you whipped up that adorable table runner in an hour! The baby quilt is cute as can be too.

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