i was planning on blogging today

I took bunches of photos yesterday of some newly finished goodies, but this morning, I couldn't find my camera  cord. 

Not a big deal, I'll use my not so trusty card reader to do my pictures. That's when I discovered this

This can not be good.

The missing piece? It's stuck inside here.

No amount of shaking, jiggling etc will dislodge the piece. I can see it in there but I can't reach it. But let's not panic.Time to try the card reader.

No such luck. 

I couldn't even get the card inside.

I will admit to starting to think it's time to start panicking. But let's grab the back-up camera and try that.

looks like it's time to redo the mani 

And good news!
The card fit. And I can see my pictures.

I just can't get them off.

PS-all photo's taken with my cell phone.
And yes, I can still use my camera, I just can't store more than 10pics in the camera memory.

PPS-the missing camera cord? discovered buried in the basket with the Wii remotes.


Doreen said...

Hmmmm, so you have a home like mine (& days like mine), too! Each day certainly is an adventure/challenge. I tell myself that in the "grand scheme of things" it is nothing to concern myself about. However, sometimes........

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Don't you just love technology!!

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