weekend wrap up

It's been a fabulous Easter weekend; we've filled it with a dinner party, spending time with family from near and far, fabulous church services and lots of family time.

I was able to sneak in sewing time here and there. I finally got the binding sewn on these abandoned Christmas 2011 gifts. Now it's three gifts finished for this year!

My favorite finish for the weekend,


I only did 4 blocks, added a fun border and it is 62x62 finished. I am so in love with this quilt and a little part of me wishes that I had made all 9 blocks.

And I finally, finally finished up my Thangles quilt. I have gone back and forth on keeping this quilt and selling it. A few weeks ago, I had someone comment on a similar quilt asking if I had one to sell. And now this one is ready for quilting and it's new home.

The best part of this weekend? 

Barb of Coach House Designs dropped this off just before I finished work on Thursday. I custom quilted the cover quilt and the pillow. This is the fourth time I've been published with my quilting; it never ever gets less exciting!

Now it's time to spend the day in the sun, Happy Monday!!


Zanymouse said...

Congratulations on getting published again! Hopefully someday that opportunity will present itself to me as well (Bucket List). I adore your Swoon quilt, and those little pinwheels in the border are a perfect compliment.

Unknown said...

Love your swoon quilt! And I agree the little pinwheel boarder is really cool!

Barb said...

Does look like you had a very productive weekend!!

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