i'm still here

My computer is on it's last legs. I could use my notebook to blog but I hate the picture editing program on it and honestly, just too lazy to figure it out lol. It takes FOREVER to do a blogger post(I've been working on this one now for 45minutes), frustrating!!

I'm also frustrated with my 4patch quilts; they are seeming to take forever as well to finish up. I got the tops completed on Saturday and now I have one left to get the borders on. I will say that they sure look great. 

The quilts are identical except for the borders; one pink, one teal, one spring green. The baby quilt also has a spring green border. I have enough blocks to may one more baby quilt; it will have a scrappy border. It will be a while before I'll want to work on that one lol.

I do have something exciting to show you. I asked for a quilt ladder for my birthday this year. Once Jim got it finished, we had the Christmas tree up and couldn't put the ladder up. It's finally up now and I loves it so much.

I love that it's another way to display my quilts in a way that people can see them.  Thanx Jim!

Now I think I'll go work on some borders. 

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Janet said...

That quilt ladder is such a great idea. Love the quilts displayed on it--such a nice color palette.

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