Was a good day. No, scratch that, it was a great day. I worked yesterday; I don't normally work Wednesdays and that would explain why this sums up my work day.
yes, it was that sort of day Wednesday

Today I had a custom quilt to do. I planned to work late; tomorrow we have no school and I didn't want to have to come back and finish the quilt if I didn't have too. Instead, I knocked out the pretty quilt in 4 hours and go to go home early. And even better, I don't have to work tomorrow!!

Judy did a fabulous job with this quilt and I had so much fun bringing it to life. I did free-hand loopy stars in the outer border and a loopy meander in the black border. Stippled all around the appliqued snowmen and ditched the stars. 

My favorite part, 

the pretty ribbon stitch through some of the borders.

When I got home, I debated about doing another Swoon block . Instead I got my Full Circle quilt sewn together. I bought the layer cake on a whim and to be honest, I'm not a fan. I wasn't sure what to do with it so last weekend I just started sewing the blocks together. I finished the top this afternoon and still don't like it. 

I'm going to have some fun quilting this and if I still don't like it, I have a few charitable places I can drop it off at. Someone will love it!


Andy said...

Wow..sounds like a very productive day! I LOVE that Christmas quilt...beautiful!

Barb said...

That custome quilt is just awesome!!!

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