58 days and counting

 Until Christmas. Scary isn't it?

I'm right in the middle of our Christmas rush this year; quilts going out as fast as they are coming in. I love the business even though it is absolutely exhausting lol.

Here's a few recent customer finishes.

Ciska's beautiful quilt quilted with Bubbles.

Ali's gorgeous flannel log cabin variation.
Quilted with a simple meander and some ditching in the center.

This stunning quilt is by Eileen. 
Quilted with Morning Glory.

I love this quilt by Bea. And I will admit that it was painful to slap an allover pattern on it!
Quilted with Flowing Feathers.

I love the backing

A beautiful quilt by Sheila. This one is custom quilted with lots of meandering(appliqued border), cross hatching in the outer border and some ditching in the center.

I love this quilt by Agnes.
Quilted with Folk Heart.

Lastly, Timothy pieced this quilt for a school project. I love the quilt pattern and it is so striking in the red, yellow, black. He did a fabulous job piecing this quilt.
Quilted with Laurie.

Now I've got to get to work and finish some more!


Barb said...

All those quilts are fabulous.....

Myra said...

Awesome quilts you get to work on Rhonda! 8-)

Three Birds Inspired said...

58 days? I am now going back to bed and pulling the covers over my head...

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