Sometimes a quilt just needs simple, basic quilting. Especially if there is a lot going on with the fabrics, simple quilting doesn't take away from the beauty of the quilt but enhances it.

I had three quilts for Hamels Quilt Shop that I went super simple on and I love how they turned out.

The first, a Word Play Kit(picking up a kit of my own when I drop these off tomorrow! I can't resist!)

Quilted with straight lines. I've never done straight lines for Hamels before; was a little nervous about it but I love how it looks.

Second, Sweet Dreams Lily. I can not get enough of this fabric line. Absolutely love it.

Quilted with a simple meander. And somehow I made a duck head while doing the meandering lol.

Lastly, the adorable panel. This one I did put a pattern on.

quilted with Popcorn.

I love how the pattern shows up on the minkee backing.

Quick and simple. Sometimes it is the best.


villagegirl said...

LOVE the black and white! Simple and gorgeous.
I really like the last design too!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Since I discovered straight line quilting, I really like it, too! It is perfect on the black & white quilt. About your meandering a duck head, better than me. I often look at my quilting and think there are a lot of designs that look like male body parts...and that's all I'm gonna say about that!

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