time flies

Today marks the one month mark since my surgery. I've been feeling pretty good up until Saturday when I was hit with a sinus infection. With that and the antibiotics I am now on, I've basically been sleeping since Saturday. I'm frustrated because I was just starting to feel 100% again when this hit; sometimes it feels never ending.

I was surprised, and disappointed, to look at my sewing table yesterday. I had a few projects planned to do while I was recovering. And I haven't completed one of them yet.

They aren't huge projects; I just need to get my butt back into gear and get working on them. Have you guessed yet that I am not the most patient person?

Today I'm sewing my zig zag quilts together. And I'm very glad I took a picture of this one since I noticed a mistake and was able to fix it before I sewed the top together. And I even retook the picture ;)

Now the sun is coming out and chasing the rain away. That's a reason to smile. Another reason to smile? Jim finished off our bathroom renos on the weekend. All 3 bathrooms in 3.5 months. Totally gutted and redone. Every spare moment he's had, he's been slaving away. And the results? Outstanding. Here's a peek at the main bathroom, I loves it.


Barb said...

I lovethe zig zag!!

Lorie said...

Wow, you and your husband have some serious talent! Sorry you aren't feeling well. It is frustrating for sure but try and take care!

Keri's Collage... said...

I love the reno's!
We have the same flooring!

Susan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! And thanks for posting a photo of the bathroom. . .i was hoping to see some soon!

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