I couldn't resist

When I saw Little Miss Shabby post details on a free embroidery of the month block. Just tooooo cute! Even though I am painfully slow at embroidery and it may take me a few months to do just one month's stitching, I signed up.

My jelly roll arrived Tuesday from Green Fairy Quilts(she has fantastic prices and the shipping was pretty quick up here to Canada).

Yesterday I got everything traced out(for January) and am ready to go. I am not going to add the borders to my blocks until I'm done with the stitchery part; it might take me long enough that the pieced border gets warped waiting for me to finish lol.

Monday a few of us are getting together and going to stitch the day away. But I have a feeling some people are already finished this block ;)

Interested in starting? Cick on the button in my sidebar for more info. Next block isn't posted until next week! Come join us!


Lorie said...

Neat Rhonda! That is going to be so cute!

Barb said...

I keep saying that I am going to do something like that but haven't yet. Enjoy your stitching with friends!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Well! You're way ahead of me. :) The kids have taken over my sewing room this week with sewing unicorns.

Andy said...

Just for the record...i have NOT started stitching mine yet!

Canadian Kristin said...

I printed out the first pattern and was humming and hah-ing about taking on the challenge... do you have room for one more in your group?!?!?
You can email me through my contact link... I'm Keri and Kori's sister.

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