being a longarm quilter

I see some fantastic quilts and these two by Amanda are in my top 10 favorites for 2010. Amanda is a new customer of mine and I am so glad she found us. Her piecing was 100% perfect and I loved her fabrics. Can not wait to quilt for her again.

Quilt #1; my favorite!

Quilted with Norma Sharps Fleur de Lis Block set.

And a fun scroll-like border.

Quilt #2-lots of feathers on this one.

Borders quilted with a Feather Border.

Center blocks and setting triangles quilted with Norma Sharp's Feather and Raindrop Block insets.

And for today? The biggest quilt I have ever quilted; 131inches!

One more after this one and I'm done for the year!!


Lorie said...

Those are beautiful Rhonda! 131"? That is HUGE! Have fun with it!

Andy said...

Very beautiful quilts! I love the colour choices too:) Happy Quilting:)

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