day three

Today was our last day of training. Today we finished up the charity quilts with different things we still wanted practice on.

Here is Andrea and my charity quilt; each row is a different stitch/style. I stenciled a cable border on the top and bottom borders than piano keyed in the side borders.

One of my favorite rows that Andrea did; sorry for the blurry picture. Hope you can make it out enough.

Some of the finished quilts. Mom had two more on her machine she was playing with when I left; I'll blog them next week after I go back to work.

It was such a great 3 days; I learned so much and more importantly, I learned(or is that realized?) that I knew more than I thought I did. Sadly, I discovered that I can not do feathers. I can't draw them, I can't quilt them. Can not do them. Isn't that what stencils are for ;)

After I finished with the charity quilts, I pulled out a really old quilt top of mine. If I remember right, this top goes back about 5 years. And now it's quilted. I'm only going to show you a sneak peek; mom kept the quilt to do the binding. I have 5 quilts waiting for me to bind and 7 that I haven't even blogged yet. Opps lol.

So of course I had to finish something tonight. My siggy blocks from Rachel's modern siggy block swap.

And than I cut out another new quilt :p


Elizabeth said...

Wow! That is a lot of great work you've gotten done! FMQ is really fun! Love your siggy quilt -- x's and o's -- how cute!

xo -El

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what size your blocks were on your signature quilt? I'm referring to the size of each one of your little ones, that you then put 4 together to make the bigger block. I have seen 3" patterns, but that seems awfully small to me. My husband's aunt will be turning 80 this year and we are having a surprise party for her. I want to have these blocks made up for the party, so we can get the signatures there! Thank you!!!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Hello, the squares finish at 3 inches. So 3.5inches with, if I remember right, 2.5inch corner squares. The pattern came from PS I Quilt.

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