back to school blues

Yup, I'll admit it. I miss my kids. I miss the noise and chaos that has them and their friends hanging out here. It's too quiet, too clean; I feel at a loss of what to do with my time each day. And it's only day TWO! lol.

We surprised the kids with a trip to Seattle on the weekend. Had a great time shopping and playing tourist; we love Seattle and try and get down there twice a year. The weather couldn't have been better; it was a great weekend away!

Our school has an auction every fall for fundraising; this year I donated a basket of goodies; a book, threads, lots of thread!, a gift certificate towards longarm quilting and a quilt kit. I also wanted to make a quiltie something so I did one of table runners I am absolutely in love with. They go together so quickly!

So pretty and made entirely from my stash!

But I wanted something to show longarm quilting. And I had an *extra* quiltie that I had made so I quickly finished off the binding and added that to the basket too.

Yes, another Portobello Market quilt. I do promise that this is the last you will see of this line here for awhile lol.

Quilted with Watercourse.

I found the most perfect basket at Value Village and in everything went. After I kicked the cats out of the basket lol.


Barb said...

What a fabulous gift basket!! :)
Sounds like you had a great weekend. :)
And yes, I can imagine that it'd be a wee bit sad with the house so empty and quiet. But just think of how much you'll be able to GET DONE! lol

Kimberly said...

So... where do I sign up?


Thanks again for the lovely pattern and quiltie... it's hanging in my entryway on my basket pegboard and looks right at home!

And I've been cruising through the mags all afternoon... :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, hope your basket goes for a lot. That is a really great donation! Sorry you're missing your kids. Fill in the holes with lots of sewing!

xo -E

Denise G said...

I love the quilt, the colors are fantastic.... do you sell these? If so, how does one buy it?

Sarah said...

What a great basket of goodies! Do you get to put a minimum bid on it? That looks like a lot of stuff! When is the auction?

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