i really love

How quilting a quilt can change your opinion of it. Especially when you don't particularly like the quilt.

That was Sherri's problem with this quilt. She didn't like it; when she first brought it in, she said she didn't care what was put on it. She just wanted it quilted so she could give it away.

After convincing Sherri to pick a pattern, she went on her way. And I quickly did the quilt up.

The look on Sherri's face when she came to pick up the quilt; priceless. She said that she loved the quilt; that the quilting made it come alive.

And I happen to agree.

I especially love how the back turned out. So pretty on the minkee.
Quilted with Ruffle Flower.

And who doesn't love black and white quilts? I have got to make me one!

Quilted with Tendril.

And one more, a sweet fairy baby quilt.

Quilted with Angel Wings.

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Elizabeth said...

Quilty, my friend, your work is absolutely gorgeous! I love how that first quilt turned out with the ruffled flower. It really does make the quilt. And the Angel Wings on that baby quilt is just so precious! Beautiful quilts!

xo -E

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