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When I finished Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler I had an idea in my head on how I wanted to quilt it. I didn't want to slap a pattern on it; I wanted something more original.

Than I spotted one that had been cross-hatch quilted and I fell in love. That was what I wanted. It was perfect!

And today was the day to learn.

I loaded the quilt and away I went. And quickly learned that the cross-hatch rulers I had purchased were not designed to do an entire quilt but only small sections. So out came the seam ripper.

I briefly debated turning the quilt top so I could cross-hatch it that way but I had another idea.

I would cross-hatch each block and play in the borders and sashings.

I cross-hatched one way and was working my way back across the quilt, when it hit me. I didn't like it.

No really, I don't like it. My original idea was to continuous curve quilt in all the print of the quilt, none of the background. I have since pulled the quilt of the machine and brought it home all ready to rip out what I've quilted. But Jim loves the cross-hatch as does Mom.

Mom came up with the idea of cross-hatching one block and continuous curving the other but now I just don't know.

So I quilted something totally different instead.

Stay tuned for details on this one. And strangely enough, this is the third quiltie I've made this summer using Portobello Market. And I just may have a fourth in the works too ;)


Three Birds Inspired said...

I'm with you - not crazy about the cross hatching but that may be because I like a really small, tight cross hatching (which I know is really time consuming and would probably drive the price of the quilting through the roof!) Love your "Portobello Market" runner. I am making a very long one from the same fabric for my sister's dining room table which is nearly banquet length. I have all the strips cut but nothing sewn. Another 3 Sisters for Moda that I just love!!

Melanie said...

I love posts like this..I like seeing your work in progress. I like the cross hatching with something different in the borders. But that's just me. I stress over thread colors more than quilting when I do a piece. I wish you would talk about that some day. Have fun quilting....

Myra said...

I like the cross hatching. How do you make your lines so darn accurate? What trick do you use?
I like the way you go in one direction, and then the other over the block... Much easier looking than how I've tried it on small projects... Easily confused... Quilting is very much a learning experience for me still.... 8-)

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I love your table runner! And I'm sorry about the quilting on the pinwheels. I always wondered what would happen if I got a quilt back from the long arm quilter and hated what they had done. Ripping out the quilting doesn't show too much, then? I'm interested to see what's next for that quilt.

I'm really close to getting my pinwheel top together.

xo -E

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