i feel boring

Boring because this has been the busiest July we have ever had at work. Because of that, I've ended up working 4 days/week the entire month. That is good and bad; it's good to be busy, but it's not good when you want to spend lots of time hanging out at home and being with your kids.

Saying that, I was looking yesterday at how much we still got to do as a family in July and was pretty impressed. I'm also impressed that I have quilted 12 customer quilts since returning from holidays on the 10th-wow. The other day at work, I went through the quilts we have in to be quilted and discovered that we are now booked until October and I took in my first 2 Christmas quilts already. eek!

What's funny is I wanted to spend this summer discovering/learning custom quilting. There are not a lot of quilters in our area that will do custom; it's time consuming and you don't really make money off of it. Instead, I have 6 quilts in for September that are all custom. And today I am finishing off the second custom quilt I've done in the past week. Both of which I will show you tomorrow.

Now back to being boring; this feeling has gone back to before summer started. I do love my job; I feel very blessed that I am able to work hours that I mostly set. And if I have a sick kid, I can bring them with me to work(many of you probably don't know that our quilting studio is at my parent's house. Mom and I have worked together for the past 4yrs and for the most part, it's been awesome. We truly get along fabulously). But I have been wanting to make some changes; changes that enable me to get to spend more time with my kids and fingers crossed that the changes I've made actually work lol.

Back in June, I did something a little crazy. I dyed my hair pink.

It's not the best picture but I like my hair in it. And I'm surprised I don't look as hot/sweaty/exhausted as I felt when the picture was taken during a family hike on Sunday.

Having pink hair is fun; the reactions I get from people are priceless. You can easily tell who doesn't like it; they don't comment on it AT ALL. And you can not miss that my hair is pink lol! Thanx to Cindy for keeping me pretty ;)

Now how about a quilt? That's what you've all come here for right? lol. I do have a few projects of mine on the go that I will probably be able to show you next week; I have been keeping busy with my own stuffs.

I've never seen this Poky Puppy fabric before; who remembers the book?

There's a funny story behind this quilt. When we got it, the fabric was a bit stinky. So we put it in a separate closet than where our customer quilts normally go. And we forgot about it until one day I went into this closet to get a bigger bag for another customer quilt when this one fell on me lol. Good thing too since it was the day before the customer was expected to come pick it up.

Quilted with Cotton.


Loris said...

Hairstyles are all about fun. Love the pink. And the quilt is cute. I used to put odorous customer quilts in a plastic bag with a bar of soap. It seemed to absorb the odor. I fortunately didn't take in many of those though.

Kimberly said...

For the record, I think your hair is very fun!! i get the same reaction with the nose ring... but hey, I like it so that's all I really care about!
So you're feeling boring? That comes and goes with me too, and I'm not out in the working world. What's behind it? Are you needing a change in routine? I get depressed whenever I go into my sewing room lately... TOO MANY on-the-goes! But for me, that's where my passionate love for September comes in... a huge sigh that it's back into routine!
Have a great one! Kim
(and I have some GREAT Little Golden Book fabric just waiting to be put to use!)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

I love your hair and have been thinking of doing something drastic myself with no courage to do it yet! lol

As for being bored, it sounds more like restlessness to me since I share the same dilemma. I have ideas/plans for the future but certain responsibilities and hiccups keep me from implementing them. I don't feel it will stop me, just that I haven't yet worked out how to meet all the needs/wants at the same time, yet.

Keep plugging at it, you'll figure it out, I know! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair, Quiltie! ♥


Sarah said...

What a precious little quilt. Where did they find that fabric? I LOVED the Poky little puppy growing up. My kids had that book, too. And, I for one, LOVE what you did to your hair!

Michelle Vandepol said...

i love love the poky little puppy fabric!

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