Bali pops are all not cut the same width,

Bali pops also bleed when wet. And always over fabric that you have cut waiting to use.

1 7/8 inch squares are really teeny tiny.

They also make 2.5inch pinwheels. Not 3.5 like I thought. Thankfully these still work. Aren't they cute??

And too much turkey, affects cats just like people.

Hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend too.


Ranch Wife said...

I love that Portobello Market Line! Bought a bunch about 2 years ago and started a quilt. Just pulled it back out and today I've been hunting more online. That'll teach me to leave something unfinished! Love your pinwheels! Think I'll have to make a bunch of those up with my scraps. What are you making with yours?

Barb said...

I have never heard of Bali pops.....I will have to look into it.

Elizabeth said...

1 7/8" HST's make 2 1/2" squares? Really? I would have thought 3", like you. Ugh. I wish I understood geometry better.

Loris said...

Well, it's good to know. Your pinwheels do look like fun. Nice work. The kitty looks like fun too. Nice fur :-)

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