bag ladies unite!

Today Bag Ladies met at Andrea's. We had a fantastic day of sewing, eating, laughing, eating, laughing and sewing.

Here's Kim and Marica's projects. Kim was working on a table runner and Marica on a quilt that is heading to Haiti with the MCC.

Look at our lunch. Cindy made the fantastic Mesa Chicken Salad Recipe. Hopefully she'll blog the recipe (hint hint).

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Andrea's puppies. Nazzy had them on Monday, NINE puppies. I've fallen in love with the golden one. It's bad that I've named it isn't it?

And Toby. He's only 6 months old; he's going to be a BIG dog.

Dinner was fantastic. Andrea's hubby Rob BBQ us some chicken; sooo yummy!

I stole the picture from Kim since I inhaled my dinner before I thought of taking a picture. Thanx Kim!

And look at the desert that Marcia made-yummers!

Cindy got her Thangles quilt top totally finished; great job Cindy!

Sarah was there today as well and for some reason I didn't get a picture of her projects. Sorry Sarah! Sarah made the cutest pillowcase for one of her boys and than was working on matching pjs; just too cute!

We also had Loraine from The Glass Polkadot Co. come with her jewelery. I picked out 3 pieces. The floral one Loraine didn't have a name for. Because I bought it, she's now named it after me! Thanx Loraine!

One sad part of today; the death of my 6x12 ruler :(

Too many things shoved into my bag.

I did get some quilting done; just no pictures lol. I finished stippling a doll quiltie and my Thangles quilt pieced up to the pieced border(you can see it in Cindy's quilt). Hope to finish that up this week.

Thanx again Andrea(and Rob!!) for opening your home to us. And the fabulous dinner. It was fun as always!


Barb said...

It must be late...I found your broken ruler funny...sorry, I know you don't.....and you sure made me hungry...

Kimberly said...

It was a fab day... the food, the laughs, the tunes... especially the tunes!

Andy said... first of all, Toby is only 6 months! It was truly a fabulous day! Thanks for coming out...yes Kim, the tunes were great but you had some good groovy moves going on as well:)

Anonymous said...


That looks like so much fun, Quiltie!


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