odds and ends

First day of spring break and it is stunning out. Blue sky, lots of sun. And it ends tomorrow. Heard stories all day of SNOW actually coming down in cities around us; too funny. Happy spring break lol.

Finally got an assistant to help take a picture of my Thangles quilt. Next step is to do the pieced border than a big 10inch border. I may add another border in there depending on how much fabric I have left. Originally I was going to give this quilt away and when I figured out how much money I have spent on it, this is staying with me. Sadly, it's not big enough for our bed so I may have to get creative or leave it the size it is. Decisions decisions.

But first up, I got to crack open this roll of steam a seam.

Yes, you read that right, 50yds worth. I wrote the date on the roll so I can keep track of how long it will take to use up. It's narrower than I normally get so it may not last as long as I think it will.

I'm working on something for a special someone's upcoming birthday. Look at all these teeny tiny pieces!

I'm really happy with how it's turning out. And it's going together quicker than I thought. Always a bonus!

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Elizabeth said...

The Thangles quilt is gorgeous! And 50 yards of Steam-a-Seam :O ! You'll have to tell us when you've used it all up.

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