After our adventure to Vancouver last weekend, we knew we had to go back with the rest of the family.

The weather was perfect; who can tell it's February?

Don't forget, that temp is in Celsius, not Fahrenheit lol.

Olympic Village

Most of the residential buildings in Vancouver have flags on them.

Hundreds of Innushuks have been built on the shores of False Creek

Crowded was an understatement but with the weather, we knew it would be nuts

Street hockey; a true Canadian tradition.

One place we really wanted to see was the Canadian Mint display,

And their 1million dollar Loonie coin; the biggest coin in the world.

We also all got hold a solid gold bar. It weighs 28lbs. I found it surprisingly warm.

Sorry for the dark pictures. There was just enough light to make the flash not go off. And the line was long enough I didn't want to start fiddling with the camera settings.

Of course we saw the torch again. Easier to see with the fencing moved.

And the Olympic Rings that we forgot to peek at last time

We were lucky on our way home. We only waited 15minutes or so for the Skytrain(like a subway but mostly above ground). Jim remembered a way into the station from one of Vancouver's underground malls. Above ground, the wait was a minimum of 3 hours we later learned.

And what quite possibly may be my favoritest of all the pictures I took,


Barb said...

Enjoyed that...thanks!!!

Elizabeth said...

What an amazing experience. I'm kicking myself now for not exploring when the games were in SLC in 2002. Of course, I was nine months pregnant and had a 2 year-old toddler, so I'm thinking it wouldn't have been much fun anyway. I'm loving getting to see things through your perspective. Thanks for showing a bit of the Olympics 'behind the scenes.'

Lorie said...

How neat! Thanks for the pictures for those of us that can't be there! :o)

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