This is the third year I've helped out at A's school with their exploratories. Every Thursday afternoon, the school almost shuts down and the kids do fun things. As they go higher through the high school, the fun stuffs get a little harder/more serious. In Grade 7, they do skiing/snowboarding. Grade12s do an overnight winter survival hike.

February and March are the Home Economics exploratory. They get their choice of interior design, cooking, sewing(they make pj pants), hand-sewing or quilting. The first year, I helped with the hand-sewing. This is the second year I've done the quilting along with my helper/assistant Cindy.

The project isn't quilting at all; the kids make a pillow. The exploratory is 5 weeks; last year we finished in 3 and we even had the kids quilt the pillow(stitch in the ditch). The 4th week, I took them to work so they could see a longarm quilting machine.

This year, we finished faster. Maybe next year they will listen when I tell them that the project is too easy? lol.

One of the girls' took her pillow home and finished it on the weekend so it's not quilted. Love the fabrics she used.

Biggest problem the kids encounter is their machines unthreading. We spend more time in the 2 hours rethreading machines. That and reminding them again and again AND again to put the pressure foot down BEFORE you sew.

Snacks provided by Cindy. Bribery works well ;)

Rethreading. Again.

Pining their pillow tops for quilting.

They try so hard. Or in some cases, not hard enough lol.


Elizabeth said...

Wow! All of those pillows look so fun and you must have a ball teaching the kids!

Tracy.H said...

That is just too cool! We never did stuff like that when I was a kid. I think it is great to be able to expose them to different areas of the craft world. If they don't have a family member that is involved with crafting they never get the chance to see if they like it. fun, fun fun! :0)

Michelle Vandepol said...

so cute! love the boy one :)

Barb said...

Loved the pillows, what a fun group to work with!

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