We do a lot of longarm quilting for seniors. Doreen came to us in early November with a quilt she had made for her daughter. She wanted bamboo batting which we didn't have so she said she would return with some.

A few weeks went by and Doreen hadn't returned. Than we got a phone call from Doreen's husband. Doreen had suddenly passed away. It was completely unexpected to everyone. And would we be willing to finish her quilt?

Of course we said yes. Her husband dropped off the batting Doreen had bought and had sitting at home and some extra fabric. We were going to finish up the binding as well.

It's a beautiful quilt. Doreen had gotten a Japanese fabric for the backing that was stunning. My heart is heavy with the thoughts of Doreen's family on Christmas with a loss so close. And her daughter receiving this extra special gift from her mom.

Quilted with Morning Glory.


Lorie said...

All of your creations have been wonderful and the thought behind this is beautiful!

Pokey said...

This is a beautiful quilt, and will be a great memorial to her family of the love she had for them.

SewCalGal said...

Doreen will certainly be missed by many, but I believe she is very happy to know that her quilt is finished and given to her family. I'm sure they'll treasure it always. Thank you for helping to complete Doreen's quilt for her & her family!


Paula said...

So very sad, and yet her daughter will enjoy the quilt and the love of her mom that made it for her.

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