i have the bestest friends

A group of friends and I were supposed to get together yesterday for lunch to celebrate my birthday. Due to a screw-up at work, I had to work and couldn't make it. So they celebrated without me.

Today Cindy dropped of my gifties. I wasn't even there and I still get gifties?? How fantastic is that? lol

From Sarah, this beautiful card and a SU stamp set!! LOVE IT!!

And from Kimberly; she made this awesome paperbag card.

Here's the inside.

Tucked inside the pocket,

And hiding in there, this scrabble tile necklace charm!! woo hoo! I may have squealed and jumped up and down ;)

Seriously, bestest friends ever.


Lorie said...

Wonderful! I bet you would have had a great time...lol!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Love gifties from special friends...you sure have some good ones!

Smalltown RN said...

Not only do you have the bestest friends ever...but you have some very talented friends as well....wow...oh and Happy Belated Birthday to you!

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