card friday

two for one today lol. thank you cards for my brother in laws for their hard work last weekend


Anonymous said...

I've been looking at your cards and quilts. You are very talented and creative. You do amazing work.

Since you are so creative and have such a good eye for things, maybe you could help me out a bit. I need to choose some photos for competition at our upcoming fair. While I seem to be good at taking photos, I'm not good at making these decisions, lol.

You can follow the link above then read the Post It Note at the top of the page which will explain it and give a link to the photos... or you can go directly to that blog at
Either way, you can leave me your Very Valued Votes when you view the photos on Decisions Decisions.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate all the help I can get.


Anonymous said...

beautiful cards, Rhonda! I love the classic look of these.

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