home sweet home

and its soooo good to be home! will resist not posting a million pictures-just the highlights lol!

trip was great up until Tuesday-we hit a deer with our truck :(. physically we are fine-it was pretty scary. truck is being towed from Kamloops back here for repairs-hopefully that won't take too long. deer was killed-amazing amount of damage most of which is engine related(radiator blew, engine fan warped into the engine)

did a day trip out to Wells Gray Park to see the waterfalls. amazing! will be sharing more of those pictures on Wordless Wednesdays

i continued my fishing queen reign with catching 3 fish(lost one when it snapped my line) A and M each caught one as well

did get a bit of quilting done-realized when i was sewing the rows together that i had cut(and sewn) enough blocks to make a twin sized quilt so i ended up with 4 baby quilts-2 boys, 2 girls. probably a good thing since we've had 2 more upcoming baby announcements in the past week lol!


noee01 said...

That cabin looks lovely! Glad you guys had fun!

Jennifer said...

It looks so peaceful and calm there. Makes me wish I was there. (and I am not a camper! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Scary about the deer. But it sounds like you had a great time. Wonderful photos, Rhonda! You should REALLY start scrapping, you know?! :P

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