sunday drive

have heard reports of a grizzly bear wandering the area by Chilliwack Lake. course Jim couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it so off we went this afternoon. no bears but did see a deer and a chipmunk lol

trip wasn't totally wasted. Jim got a bunch more rocks(i understood that we only needed one lol)

this one was a little big to bring home lol

and just for the sake of it-some more flood pictures. officials are now saying the river will stay way below the dykes(7.5m). yesterday the river was at 6.3m. funny that the road closed signs are off by the river now and yet there is water on the road and in the fields


Jo said...

Holy cow Quiltie! I've been following the story on the news and was thinking about you. Stay dry! I hope the water doesn't rise much higher!


QuiltNut Creations said...

Hi Jo! levels are currently dropping(down almost a full meter since Friday) officials are warning that we aren't out of the danger zone just yet. we have a heat wave forecasted for the weekend and that will cause more snowmelt(i understand less than 1/2 has melted) and with the rivers still high, we could still get wet lol

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