i hate this quilt

its driving me insane. buggy barn's scrappy cats . i cut it out just after Christmas and only have one block completed.

got to spend a few hours working on it today and i am soooo frustrated! the whole point of the quilt is that the pieces don't line up, there is allot of fabric waste(grrr) but the end result is stunning. and the only reason why i am struggling through this!

here are two sections i completed today. the bigger piece is a cat body and the smaller one is the cat face (the fabric does match. no idea why it is showing up so orange in the picture) i will have to press/steam them to death and than sew them together tomorrow. fingers crossed this turns out well and i don't go insane in the process

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it will turn out fantastic - your quilts always do :-)

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