what a fantastic day!

mom and i headed down to Bellingham, Washington to do some shopping. before we left, we make a quick stop at Hamel's for mom to drop off some quilts she had finished for them.

i was wandering the store and found the most perfect quilt for the kitchen! and than they gave me the kit at 20% off-woo hoo! i can't wait to get started on it

than it was down to Joanne's fabrics and crafts. i found the most perfect fabric to make the curtains for our office. and it was only $3.96/yard!!

we hit Olive Garden for dinner(sooooo yummy!) than off to Michael's were i went nuts over the $1 stamps(why don't we have as good of a selection up here?) i even splurged on a $10 rooster stamp(can't wait to ink him up!)

decide its time to head for home(plus I had spent my entire paycheck lol!). get to the border and tell the very nice border guard the vehicle amount. he returns with its our lucky day; that they had had some serious things going on at the border and they were totally backed up inside and that the last thing the gov't needed was more of our money. he handed back our IDs and receipts and told us to have a great weekend! woo hoo!

and since we lucked out at the border, we went into Abbotsford to Reitmans. i got 2 pairs of pjs for $10!!! and than found my dad's birthdya present at London Drugs(he is getting to be the hardest person to buy for. ended up getting him a Canucks Corvette-which he collects)

all in all, an absolutely fantastic day.


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

wow, sounds like you really did have an amazing day!!! I agree with the wishing our Michaels had a better selection too!!!
Have a super weekend!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

It was nice to see you today Rhonda! Thanks for taking my quilt for me. :-)

Barb said...

Wow, what a day! I'm glad you had a successful shopping trip! LOL

And I totally kwym about the M's dollar specials. I found so many things in their $1 section... my fave was the epoxy stickers. Got some nice black and white ones for a buck.

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