10 years ago my life changed

my parents were on their way home from Prince George when dad lost control of their truck on some black ice and ended up hitting another vehicle head on, spinning into a second vehicle before running head first into a wall.

dad wasn't expected to live. he was air lifted from Prince George to Abbotsford so my brother and i could say goodbye. he actually died twice on the plane and was brought back. he had severe head trauma, his head went through the windshield, his seatbelt didn't lock to hold him into place. the steering wheel, ended up breaking his collar bone, all but 3 of his ribs were broken-one which punctured a lung. today dads chest is literaly flat on ones side. he had internal bleeding, lost teeth and broke his nose.

mom was in better shape. but because her injuries weren't serious(she still suffers today from pain in her back and along the right side of her body from the impact of the second car hitting her door of the truck), she wasn't allowed to come down with dad in the air ambulance. Jim and friends of the family drove up the next day to bring mom home.

dad was in the hospital touch and go. i was given all power to sign off on any tests surgeries dad require. that involved some of the hardest desicions i know i will ever have to make.

to this day, my dad is not the same person. he suffers from mood swings, short term memory loss. he has become very selfish and angry-not the dad i had growing up.

as much as it pains me to have dad the way he is now, i know how blessed we are that they both survived. God was watching over them that day


Crunchy Carpets said...

wow..I did not know that.

One brief moment and it changes everything and everyone.

Nancy said...

Wow Rhonda... what a life-altering moment in time. Hugs!

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