quilt monday

It's another baby quilt today! 
I actually have quite a few actual quilts to show you, I just need to get pictures done of them first.

I haven't been making a lot of these lately. I've been busy making lots of quilt gifts and samples for the store and as a result, baby quilts have taken the very far backseat. 

I had fun with this baby quilt and used some super bright fabrics and I love how it turned out.

I wish the camera had picked up the colours more. 
It was a dark day when I took these, but the colours are so much more vibrant and alive in person.

quilted with Lovely 

I quilted it with a bright green thread to match the green fabric.
It really popped on the pink.

Seeing these pictures makes me want to pull some fabric from my stash and start another one.

I used up all my fun flannel kid prints up for the backing.

It's a little crazy but it I felt it worked well with the front.
And in the end, it doesn't matter what the back looks like, it will be very well loved regardless.

Short and sweet today. 

Happy Monday!

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