baa, black sheep

 I've seen some interesting things in my 14years of longarm quilting. 

But this may have been the most interesting.

I got a call from Helene.

 Helene has sheep and wanted to use their wool for her quilt. Would I do it?

Helene brought out the wool and I'll admit, I wouldn't have guessed it was 'homemade'. Well, not exactly homemade. The sheep get sheared and Helene washes the wool a minimum of 7 times; combing the wool each time to get all the bits and pieces out of it.

It then goes to a factory where they batt the wool.

 The catch? The wool needs fluffed before it can be used.

And fluffed A LOT.

There was one thing I discovered with the wool. I knew it was very delicate. It was also very heavy. And when it was hanging on my machine, the weight of it began to tear the batting.
See how thick it is?

In the end, it quilted up beautifully. 
And was this quilt ever heavy!

The wool gave the quilt a gorgeous trapunto look.

quilted with Linna's Charm

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