busy bees

I've been kept busy with lots of longarming.
 I can imagine there are some stashes that are starting to get low :)

Here are a few recent ones.

Dianne added a border to here jelly roll race quilt.

Quilted with Starburst.

Pieced by Sharlene

quilted with a meander
Pieced by Jeanette

quilted with Lush Leaves

Love this one by Debbie

quilted with Linna's Charm

The blocks are adorable.

This one by Anna, loved it.

quilted with Dazzle

Anna was lucky getting this quilt back :)

And this one by Val.

quilted with Dragon's Breath

Love, love, love!!

Shirley does the funnest quilts.

quilted with Simplicity

How could you not love this?

This fabulous denim quilt by Melody.

quilted with Folk Heart

Her red truck block :)

By Solange

quilted with Loop the Loop

And to finish things off, these two by Adrianna.

quilted with Ground Cover

quilted with Dragon's Breath

Thanks for looking!

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