quilt monday

Remember me?
 It's been a long time hasn't it? Have to admit, I've struggled with blogging lately. I love blogging but blogging seems to be on the rapid decline. So many less blogs, less readers/followers. Is it worth it? For now, I think yes.

On to some fun stuff. And oh do I have things to show you!

I bought this charm square on a whim. And bought another. Randomly I sewed them all into HSTs and wondered what I am doing with these?

Can you catch my oops? 

I do love how it turned out. And so quick once I had a plan.

I quilted it with my current fav, Malachite.

I love the texture.

Now onto something else.
Happy Monday!

1 comment:

susan q said...

no worries! all the cool kids are on the gram, not to say you aren't. lol thanks for sharing.

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