is there anybody out there?

 How was that for an unplanned blog break? I've been swamped behind the scenes with a renovation that took longer than expected. But don't they always?  So not a lot of sewing going on but I do have a bunch of fantastic quilts to show you.

Love this one by BettyAnn. 
I actually sold her the book this pattern was in, that was how we met.

quilted with HubbyLove

The quilting...

This fun one by Kathy

quilted with Contempo
So fun!

This one by Sherry.

quilted with a meander

The entire middle is appliqued on.

This stunning Canada150 quilt by Nicole.

quilted with Maple Syrup

Love it so much.

By Shirley.
She was lucky to get this one back ;)

quilted with Wisp

This one by Brenda.
I have such talented clients!

quilted with Greenery
So pretty.

By Margaret, a very fun 12 Days of Christmas

quilted with a meander

Carolyn's Row by Row quilt

quilted with Fliratious

This adorable baby quilt by Marion.

quilted with Daisy3

And last but not least. I say that a lot don't I? ;)

quilted with Dandelion


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