I didn't get around to sharing some of my favorite client quilts before Christmas so here you go.

I'm not a basket quilt fan but I love this one of Tillie's.

quilted with Dandelion

So pretty

Betty Ann's jelly roll star.

quilted with Swirl

I love how she did her colour layout

I love this Christmas quilt by Hamels

quilted with Dragon's Breath 

I love the details

And this lovely winter scene panel quilt

quilted with Flirtatious 
So pretty

This chevron by Velma

quilted with Swirl
The colours represent a beach scene; the yellow at the top is the sun, than the sky, the water than the sand.

Lastly, this amazingly fantastic quilt by Tara.

Tara took her boyfriend's 'snapchat' account and printed off the pictures and made this quilt.

This was Tara's first quilt; she learned by watching YouTube videos.

I stitched in the ditch between all the pictures and did a simple X in the corner stones. In the border, I did a 3 inch piano key.

So fun! 

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