Spring break has come to a sudden end. Or at least it seemed sudden. I'm not really sure where the 2 weeks went but they disappeared quicker than I thought they would.

I got next to no sewing done. I did finish up this Farmhouse quilt.

This was a kit I purchased from FatQuarter Shop. It's super cute but I don't like how it went together. Every single triangle top was whacked off. There was no way around it when put the quilt together. 

I did some spring cleaning and made a big decision.

This is a Double Wedding Ring quilt that is at least 16years old. I decided to gift it to a thrift store. I will never finish it, it matches nothing in my house and I do not want it anymore. It can be someone else's treasure now.

I did end up with a 3week break from work. A very unexpected break from work. 
On the 8th, my quilting machine broke down. As in, it wouldn't turn on break down. So we called the factory and ordered some parts. 2.5 weeks later(was supposed to be in 3days), my parts finally arrived. Over Easter weekend, hubby and I repaired my machine. 

Good news; it runs and I can quilt. Bad news, it's not running 100%. I'll be shipping it back to the factory in April for a full refurbishment. Until than, I'll be catching up on a my unplanned 3 week break! 

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