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Tonight our basketball season came to an end. Our team fought hard and lost by a measly 4 points; only 2 baskets!! I will admit that I am happy to have the season over; basketball 5 days a week was starting to take its toll on us and our house!

As a result, not a lot of fun stuffs coming out of my sewing room. I have the next few days off and hope to finish up a few things and more importantly, start some new! 

So with nothing of mine to show you, how about some fun client quilts?

I love this one by Bonnie.

quilted with Bush Berries

The quilting looked fantastic in all the white space.

I love how she used the panels.

This fabulous quilt by Gail.

quilted with a meander

Such fun blocks.

Another bright fun one, this time from Linda.

quilted with Angel Wings

Love these blocks.

This one from Joanne,

quilted with Daisy3

Absolutely love this one!

Joanne, used some of the leftovers in the backing.

By Christine,

Christine wanted the quilting simple with just a square done around the hearts in the blocks.

And by Milan

A Tshirt quilt made entirely from cruise Tshirts. 

Such a great idea and so much fun!

And her backing fabric, perfection!

Thank for looking!

1 comment:

Tine said...

I love those quilts with brights on white. Really pretty. It must be lovely to work on such beautiful client quilts!

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