quilt shows

Every 2 years, our local day quilt hosts a quilt show. At the show in 2013, a quilt I quilted won first place(you can read about it here). Earlier this year, Nadine brought me a quilt she was entering in the show. She said she wanted to win this year and wanted me to quilt it. Challenge accepted.

For some reason I ended up not getting a full picture of the quilt, sorry!

We kept the quilting simple. I wanted the piecing to be the real feature of the quilt. I did a water stitch in all the background; it is really easier on the eyes than a stipple I find.

In the dark green outer border I did a simple piano key to just hold it down. All the yellow got a ribbon stitch.

There was some fullness in the center so I water stitched all the lighter purple sections. All the green leaves and flowers I wanted to leave so they would pop after quilting.

All the dark purple print I ditched. That was fun lol. The quilt measures 104inches square and took me just over 6 days to quilt.

Now Nadine has a lot of binding to do before the quilt show on the 23rd. Good luck Nadine!


Doreen said...

I love love love your stitching choices and couldn't agree more!!! It looks amazing!!!!!

Zanymouse said...

Stunning quilt, and your quilting is just beautiful!! Good luck in the show!

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